Hosted cloud services offer peace of mind to business owners

In the age of instant needs, information sharing is big business. The ability to share data among employees in different offices, in real-time, without worrying about a network slowdown, is desirable. The major debate many companies encounter is deciding how they want to handle their data sharing and choosing between a managed or unmanaged server and if they desire traditional, in-house hosting or cloud services.

All combinations of servers and services have pros and cons but for certain businesses some solutions are far more desirable. For small businesses, that lack the internal resources to successfully manage an internal cloud solution and physical servers make a managed cloud option beneficial.

Cloud options allow businesses with multiple offices, remote employees or the need to travel to have a centralized and consolidated IT location. By using a cloud-based system, companies are saving money by not investing in servers and infrastructure and cutting cooling and power costs, as well as allowing IT professionals to focus time and resources on big picture solutions.

Providers that house their own data centers can offer enterprise-class IT infrastructure built on industry virtualization, server and storage platforms to SMBs that would otherwise have no way of implementing. It also allows business to not worry about housing and maintaining physical servers, which can be a costly investment.

Businesses in Ohio that are interested in deploying a hosted cloud solution would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm. Some providers, like PRO onCall, have their own data centers to offer complete solutions.

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