How Capital Prosthetic & Orthotic Center overcame tech infrastructure obstacles

With so much innovation in the world of medical technology, healthcare practices across the country should be conducting technology audits to ensure that a dated infrastructure is not holding it back from growth and innovation.

For Capital Prosthetic & Orthotic Center – a private family owned business that prides itself on providing quality service throughout its seven offices in Ohio and Tennessee – the company's officials realized that they had reached the limitations of their current phone system, presenting an obstacle to their service offerings.

As such, the company wisely turned to a Cincinnati IT support service to conduct a small office network analysis and determine how Capital Prosthetic & Orthotic could improve while still maximizing the use of its previous tech investments.

After taking this measure, it was determined that the company's antiquated servers could not run the modern applications crucial to their business processes. Consequently, the servers were constantly crashing and required hefty patching expenses. Similarly, a lack of seamless communications systems like voicemail and conferencing were creating a lag in patient and staff correspondences.

But, after the system was refreshed with the guidance of the IT consultants, the network was centralized and required much less maintenance, decreasing costs. These servers could also be accessed remotely, enabling employees to telecommute, cutting down energy and travel costs for the organization.

Moreover, a Toshiba CIX100 was implemented in the main office, enabling data integration from all the facilities for optimal patient care.

Considering these results, other businesses in Ohio with dated technology should consider turning to a Cincinnati IT consulting firm that can provide technology audits, product implementation and around the clock maintenance.

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