How cloud computing evolved over in 2013

Anyone who has followed the technology landscape over the last few years has seen how quickly it has evolved. Look no further than how the use of the cloud has changed in the last 12 months.

Going into 2013, the cloud was a buzzword in a list of services that had the potential to make great strides. As the year comes to a close, it has taken steps to becoming the default computing platform, with breakthrough technologies accelerating the trend.

A recent article from InfoWorld examined this idea even further and found that the best is yet to come.

"But in 2013, it became clearer than ever that both the private and public cloud — particularly the latter — provide the platforms of choice if you want to stay competitive," the article reads. "Engaging with customers, partners, and soon the vast array of sensors known as the Internet of things requires an infrastructure that scales like blazes due to unpredictability of demand and also provides a platform for continuous experimentation."

The article goes on to examine several of the main takeaways from the year. They include:

  • CMOs really like the public cloud
  • Hybrid model gaining steam
  • Data sovereignty really matters
  • Internet of things is highly related to the cloud
  • Cloud clients will soon rule IT infrastructure

With the help of a service provider that specializes in cloud computing services, any organization can take steps to deploying these services and keeping pace with the hottest trends on the market. Failure will cause a business to fall behind the competition.