How the Sisters of St. Francis improved network stability and security with a trusted IT partner

The Sisters of St. Francis are members of a Franciscan mission that has been around for more than 100 years in Oldenburg, Indiana. As part of the organization's mission, staff members undertake a wide variety of tasks including child care, early learning, media, justice administration, adult education as well as high school and collegiate-level schooling.

Naturally, for an organization such as this, being able to successfully communicate and maintain availability for the community using modern technology is of the utmost importance. However, understanding that the organization was failing to provide service because of holes in its technological infrastructure, officials reached out to a Columbus IT partner in order to provide a small network analysis and design a plan for improvement.

After the IT consultants surveyed the organization's existing technology, it was determined that an old dial-up program was resulting in an incredible lag in service. Additionally, the system was so rigid that multiple staff members trying to use it at once resulted in widespread network errors. Moreover, the system was costing a ludicrous $300 per month that had no modern security software, meaning it was vulnerable to hacking as well as data loss.

In response, the system was upgraded with new memory and hard drive functioning so that the network would run faster. Modern anti-virus software as well as updated firewalls were implemented as well to improve network security and new servers were installed, all resulting in greater stability and performance.

Any business officials in the Ohio or Indiana area that believe an outdated technological infrastructure is holding their organization back from innovation and growth, a Columbus IT support firm can provide around the clock consultation, product implementation and maintenance.

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