How to find a telecoms provider you can trust

Communication is at the heart of your business. It’s what keeps your company running and how your employees stay connected – even during a global pandemic. But when it comes to choosing a telecommunication provider, how do you get it right the first time? Are there any tell-tale signs to look out for? Here’s our take on why your company needs a reliable telecom provider, and our advice on selecting a telecommunication provider you can trust.

The importance of telecom services 

Telecommunication, or telecom, makes it easier for employees to communicate with clients and deliver consistently high-quality customer service. What’s more, it fosters increased productivity around the workplace. In a recent study, over 60 percent of employees agreed that telecoms services like VoIP improved telephone and message handling speeds. 

Just as important as telecom itself is your provider. A telecommunication provider can: 

  • Unify communications across the company
  • Set up mobile telecoms to keep employees productive outside the office 
  • Monitor your systems to reduce downtime
  • Recommend what services you need to run your telecoms effectively

In short, you need to know you can rely on both your telecoms services and your provider. A poor telecommunication provider can have a lasting negative impact on your company. So, how do you spot the good ones?  

Signs of a good telecom provider

It’s important to find a telecommunication provider you can trust, but what does this mean? How do you identify them? All things considered, it’s actually pretty simple – there are four specific signs you should look out for.  

Dedicated support

Good providers know that business doesn’t sleep, which is why they’re available when you need them most. If your telecommunication provider struggles to fit you into their schedule, they’re not the right service provider to help your company thrive. You should know that you can call, email, and message your telecommunication provider and get a personalized, friendly response. 

Efficient problem-solving

Downtime can cost businesses up to $10,000 an hour in wasted resources. If your service provider can’t fix IT and telecoms issues promptly, they’ll cost you money. Don’t wait for a telecommunication provider who is either too busy to help you or simply doesn’t know-how. A good provider gives you advice and solutions you can trust, and you’ll be happy with their response times.

Personalized solutions 

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to telecoms, and good providers know this. It’s a good sign if your provider wants to go over your needs, budget, and goals before recommending a telecoms strategy. If all they can offer is the same package they give everyone, it’s probably not efficient enough for you. 

Knowledgeable team

Since you should trust the advice that your service provider gives you, it makes sense that they must be knowledgeable and experienced. If a telecommunication provider can’t explain problems and solutions to you in simple language, they might not understand the issue well enough themselves to fix it!

Telecommunications services

Partnering with the right telecommunication provider can boost your company’s efficiency, improve productivity, and reduce your overall downtime. For more information on our telecommunications services, and for tips on how to choose the right products for your business, contact us today.