How UC platforms are integrating the hottest corporate trends

In the modern business world, two of the most salient trends are arguably mobility and cloud computing. Understanding the emphasis being placed on these two industries, many of the best providers of unified communications (UC) platforms are harnessing the utility of mobile and cloud technology and integrating them into a single cohesive business solution.

According to information technology company CDW's 2011 Unified Communications Tracking Poll, which surveyed 900 IT professionals, one of the most highly reported satisfaction points with UC was being able to access corporate-based email and voicemail remotely from a smartphone.

In fact, 80 percent of those who had deployed a UC solution included smartphones and mobile desktops in their plan.

Interestingly, in the same study, 69 percent of those polled stated that their organizations were in some phase of cloud-based UC deployment, with 75 percent of respondents claiming that cloud technology makes a UC program easier to implement.

Additionally, according to an article published by Computer World, "Cloud computing is also mitigating some of the pain points of UC, such as the upfront budget required or the time and complexity of implementing the solution."

Corroborating this statement 65 percent of the CDW poll respondents also mentioned that cloud technology made the transition to a UC infrastructure more cost-effective.

Considering the popularity of a UC platform bundled with mobile and cloud capabilities, it would be wise for businesses in Ohio looking to adopt a custom UC solution to seek out a Cincinnati IT consultant that can provide implementation, maintenance and ongoing support in all three areas.

Moreover, because such consultants also often offer network security services, end users will be able to enjoy the benefits of mobility and remote data storage in their UC program without fears of decreased security.

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