How VoIP can make a company look Fortune 500 with startup personnel

Small businesses are faced with many communications and personnel problems. For example, it may very well be the case that a small business offers a product or service that can compete with or is superior to a larger competitor. However, without the resources to hire full-time personnel to communicate this message to potential customers, that point of difference may be lost.

Therefore, one of the most pressing issues for small business officials to address is how to inflate the perceived magnitude of a business operation without growing operational costs.

One excellent solution to this problem is adopting a VoIP business phone system for the business' staff. Analyzing the utility of VoIP solutions in this instance, it is easy to imagine that small business owners are juggling a range of different responsibilities that require traveling out of the primary facility.

With traditional telephone systems, any calls directed at small business owners out of the office might stagnate on an in-house answering machine until the owner returns. However, by adopting an IP-based system, an auto attendant can process basic information from the caller and immediately forward that information to a business owner wherever he or she may be to address the issue right away.

As VoIP expert Larry Barker mentions in a 2009 article published by Entrepreneur, "You can be in different cities or at a vacation home or a hotel, and no one knows. These are the kinds of features that can help make a start-up company seem like it's been in business forever."

Consequently, a customer will be more likely to perceive the business as legitimate and professional, ultimately driving revenue for the company.

By partnering with a Cleveland phone service, small business owners in Ohio looking to adopt VoIP solutions for their business can have a tailored business phone system implemented quickly supplemented by around the clock service and support.

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