How VoIP presents enterprises with a competitive edge

In today's corporate marketplace, there is an enormous amount of competition with new enterprises popping up everyday offering their spin on the same product or service offered by any number of other businesses.

And with the social media boom, all of these companies have a range of cost effective marketing tools at their disposal, meaning that even competitors with few resources have the ability to cater to clients who may have previously only considered more established businesses in the past.

Consequently, the current marketplace puts the power in the hands of the customer. And in this landscape, it is those enterprises that are able to leverage next level customer service that thrive above the competition.

One excellent way to achieve this goal is by adopting VoIP business phone systems. Because VoIP systems function over the internet, staff members are able to access their important emails and voicemails from virtually anywhere with a smartphone. Consequently, should an employee be traveling on business, away on vacation or out of the primary office for any other reason, he or she can still access messages that formerly would have stagnated on an in-office answering machine until the employee returned.

This will allow employees to instantly process messages and provide the customer with a quick response, greatly diminishing the possibility that the customer will patronize another service because of a lack of response.

Moreover, VoIP applications can transcribe vocal messages into text form that can be emailed to an employee. Therefore, while staff members using legacy systems would need to go through an entire backlog of messages in order to get to the most recent, VoIP users can check them in any order when transcribed into an email. This allows employees to address the most important incoming messages with paramount efficiency, generating a competitive edge in the minds of a business' most high profile clients.

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