Improper business planning wastes time and money

Investing in technology can be difficult. There are many options and piles of information to consume to make sure they invest in the right solution. However, many IT decision-makers could use an IT consultant to ensure they are spending their money in a beneficial way.

Ami Kassar, the CEO of small business planning company MultiFunding – described what this decision making process can be like when a company does not have the right knowledge or partners. In a recent New York Times column, Kassar recounted his business’ journey to install a new phone system after deciding that the cloud-based solution in place needed an upgrade.

What was expected to be a simple process turned into a major headache. Kassar, along with his office manager, started by reaching out to several of the big providers. After settling on a traditional analog service the sales rep instructed them to buy the physical phones before the technician arrived two days later – which Kassar did. Unfortunately when the tech arrived, they discovered that the sales rep provided wrong information and the installation could not be completed.

Frustrated, Kassar took matters into his own hands and signed up for a Website to get more information on VoIP systems. His information was sold to a lead generation network and he started receiving several phone calls from eager sales reps. Again, Kassar settled on a solution and purchased the phones.

This time, Kassar called upon a technician who had worked with the company before but was told they did not have the wireless adaptors to make the system work. Now disenfranchised with the entire process, Kassar returned everything he had purchased and returned to the original system he wanted to replace.

“Small-business owners and entrepreneurs desperately need services they can trust, especially when it comes to aspects of their businesses that they don’t fully understand,” wrote Kassar. “Time is too precious to waste. When it came to my phone system, I just ran out of luck.”

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