Industry insiders talk strong future of VoIP systems

With an ever-evolving technology landscape, one thing that has not changed is the importance of communication. As the business world spreads further and remote workers become a growing trend, remaining connected has never been so important.

Tom Dobson, the business sale manager EMEA at Telappliant has been making the rounds talking to industry outlets about the future of VoIP services and why the market is growing. Not surprising, as top quality internet evolves, VoIP services become more popular.

"The internet connection used is key – the quality of that is imperative. Wi-Fi is improving, but until that is enterprise grade it will be a slower process, people want quality these days," Dobson explained.

It's not hard to see why VoIP is becoming a popular option for companies. Dobson points out that with more countries getting better internet capabilities, it is cheaper and more effective for businesses to use a single connection for company-wide communication. He also predicts that as soon as reliable Wi-Fi is available in a majority of locations, VoIP expansion will be rapid.

One of the biggest hurdles most companies see in implementing a VoIP option is the time it takes to get it up and running. Dobson also addressed this. Currenty, simpler VoIP systems can be set up in an hour by a strong IT service provider. Adding a business phone system is also the first step to a unified communication system, which has a number of benefits for any business.

Trefor Davies, the chief technology office of Timico, is another industry insider who has been toting the strong future of VoIP systems. He has said VoIP technology will one day be the death knell for the traditional telephone system in business.

By all accounts, VoIP is the communications method of the future. Business officials in Ohio that are looking to implement a VoIP system to stay up-to-date with the latest technology should partner with a Cincinnati IT consulting firm for a full diagnostic analysis.

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