Iowa State University aims to save $600,000 annually with new VoIP system

The benefits of VoIP are reason enough for company decision-makers to want to implement the solution as a critical part of their operations. More large companies are getting on board and this week another one joined the ranks.

According to InformationWeek, Iowa State University is the latest organization to invest in a VoIP phone system. With multiple buildings and campus sites to be networked together, having a proper communication option that can be easily scaled is increasingly important. Every year the population of the campus changes and keeping pace can be difficult.

This is part of a month long plan to revamp the communication solution by tossing out the old handsets in exchange for the new technology. This will be a refresh of an estimated 8,000 telephone handsets.

"Instead of phones on desks, we'll have a totally integrated communication system, which has the potential to be part of the campus communication fabric," Jim Davis, Iowa State University vice provost for IT and CIO, told the news source. He added that in the future, he hopes to see the solution play a "prominent role" in an interactive learning environment.

The aim is to reduce the total cost of telecommunication by around $600,000 a year.

Organizations of any size can benefit from upgrading their communication systems. By partnering with an IT consulting firm that is experienced with implementing a VoIP system, businesses can easily deploy the system and have someone to lean on in case any pitfalls arise.

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