Is it time to move to a business VoIP system?

Email has become a staple of modern business, but there will always be a place for voice-based communications. Traditional phone systems can be costly, however, and issuing cell phones to all of your employees comes with its own set of difficulties. If your company is struggling to reconcile these two realities, switching to a business VoIP system could be the perfect way to get all the advantages of voice contact without the exorbitant cost or cumbersome equipment. 

This change is especially valuable to a company that is currently expanding or plans to expand. If you're looking to increase your staff, switching to a VoIP system makes a great deal of sense: while a traditional phone layout might have to be wired to increase capacity, an internet-based plan is easily scalable and doesn't require a trained technician to repair or install. 

VoIP systems also have the advantage of an intuitive and easy-to-understand design. Instead of a confusing labyrinth of buttons and tones, the user is given an interface that fits seamlessly in with his desktop, and automatically shows call logs. This clears up desk space and cuts down on work distraction. Many VoIP systems also include an online fax feature, so your employees won't have to keep getting up and trudging to a machine that inevitably is going to be jammed or broken. Plus, you'll never need to worry about purchasing toner or fax paper again. 

Perhaps the biggest advantage of all is the cost reduction. Because most companies already need to have high speed internet, folding phone lines into that expense just makes good fiscal sense. Rather than an entirely new system, voice communications can be a tiny addition to the existing infrastructure. Not only will the monthly bill be much less than you'd pay with a traditional company, you'll also avoid bulky equipment that has to be constantly maintained. 

The edge is especially pronounced for international calls. While using a regular phone to connect with customers or clients abroad is an expensive proposition, a business VoIP system heavily cuts down on that cost. Many providers even automatically include a given number of international minutes, a number which is easy to see and manage. 

If your company regularly needs phone communications but is also interested in cutting costs and increasing efficiency, a VoIP system represents a great opportunity.