Is the cloud killing the role of IT executives?

The benefits of the cloud are well established in the corporate world. More organizations are starting to embrace the solution everyday and moving more critical business operations into a digital format. However, as the physical nature of IT solutions starts to disappear, there is some worry among executives that their responsibilities could no longer be needed.

A recent Wired article examined the ways the cloud is changing the role of technology leaders. The article mentioned that there are some CIOs and CTOs who believe their job could be in a state of demise because of the rise of the cloud.

The short answer is, no, that's not happening. However, it does mean company leaders need to start honing new skills when it comes to the cloud, mobility and social technologies if they want to stay ahead of the competition.

"The cloud is not simple, and it is not completely taking over what is happening in the enterprise," the article reads. "No operations or strategy executive will do well if he or she thinks that all the CIO or CTO does is order infrastructure as a service from a provider. Mastering the opportunities of the cloud without giving up what is essential on-premise is the hallmark of competitive advantage in business today."

To handle the cloud more effectively, organizations should partner with an IT consulting firm that specializes in these solutions. This can help any company stay current on the innovation while learning on the fly.

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