IT departments require more focus in coming year

It would seem like the IT sector has found itself in a very exciting time. There are new devices and services hitting the market constantly that tech professionals are falling in love with and looking to incorporate into the company’s infrastructure.

However, like an excited child with a new toy, not every innovation is right for the business. Just because mobile devices are gaining all the headlines and the tech team all has the latest smartphone or tablet, does not mean the gadgets need to be rushed to the head of the priority list. Instead, companies need to assess their entire infrastructure, current needs and possible solutions with every IT decision and re-prioritize if required.

In a recent article from CIO, John Brandon interviewed several IT executives about their plans for the next year and discovered there was an underlying theme of refocusing. Whether it was cloud services, disaster recovery solutions or an office telephone system, IT decision-makers need to game plan properly and follow through.

“Having a strategic vision in place is critical for success,” Brandon wrote. “Without a roadmap, IT can become too caught up in technology trends. Having a renewed focus on a core strategy for 2013 means directing the entire staff along a predetermined route.”

However, it can be difficult for companies to change the thinking of an entire group of people. This is where partnering with an experienced IT consulting firm can be very beneficial. By bringing in an outside IT service, internal tech departments can get new eyes on existing challenges. On top of that, a contractor will offer unbiased opinions of any future plans that may be in the pipeline.

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