IT executives still misunderstanding the cloud

Ask any IT executive what they consider to be one of the top priorities of the last year that is still going strong and cloud computing is almost guaranteed to be an answer. From disaster recovery to remote workers to information sharing, the cloud has been incorporated into a number of different solutions.

However, it is not all a positive trend. According to a recent panel of IT experts speaking at the annual State of the Net technology policy conference, while the cloud is well-defined it is not well understood by business executives and policy makers.

Kenneth Corbin recapped the panel in a recent CIO article. According to the experts, many executives know that the cloud is important and can be highly beneficial, but misinformation when it comes to some aspects like security have lead to a slow adoption.

“For the cloud to be broadly understood as more than a buzzword outside of IT circles, advocates of the technology should focus on the benefits that cloud computing can provide,” wrote Corbin.

Deven McGraw, the director of Health Privacy Project at the Center for Democracy and Technology – a Washington digital rights group – tackled this confusion from the healthcare perspective. According to McGraw, that industry suffers from security and control concerns. Medical practices are filled with sensitive information and storing that data outside facility walls in a cloud setting makes it hard, for liability reasons, to adopt the technology.

Regardless of the confusion, more and more businesses are seeking out cloud options. To play it safe, companies should partner with an experienced cloud IT consultant that can help an organization successfully incorporate cloud solutions.

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