Cloud Computing Provider

Is your IT team taking care of PCs one user at a time?

Still running dedicated servers for files, applications and storage?

Managing multiple offices? Looking for a way to centralize IT?

Need to strengthen your back up and disaster recovery process?

PRO OnCall Cloud Computing Provider Offers Cloud Solutions let you save and streamline by…

  • Eliminating capital investments in new servers and infrastructure
  • Cutting space, power, and cooling costs associated with on-premises servers
  • Simplifying IT management and streamlining routine IT tasks enterprise-wide
  • Consolidating your IT for better control, performance, reliability, and availability
  • Improving IT support team productivity – less troubleshooting and happier users
  • Freeing IT staff to focus on the big picture and new ways to grow your business


Imagine being able to access corporate data, applications, services, and resources anytime, anywhere. That’s the idea behind the “Cloud” – an efficient, flexible and cost-saving platform that many small and large enterprises are adopting to save money and improve day-to-day IT operations.

Whether you choose to implement a Cloud Solution in our Data Center or in your own Data Center, our experienced service experts are available whenever you need them, giving you peace of mind and the time to focus on your business instead of technology.


Virtualization allows you to run several operating systems and applications, including voice, on a single machine within the Cloud. With this arrangement, shared pools of resources can be created to optimize the infrastructure for performance, reliability and availability, while simplifying management.

PRO OnCall can evaluate, setup, and manage your transition from client-server to a virtualized environment. You get the highest performance, security and availability.


Backing up systems and data onsite is a good start, but what if a fire or flood wipes out locally stored backup files and configuration data? You cannot rely on local backups alone. Only with remote, offsite backup can you be assured that your business will survive a voice or data disaster.

PRO OnCall experts make local and offsite backup easy. We not only protect your files and applications, but we can even replicate your voice and data production environments.

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