Is your organization fully protected against the bad guys? They exploit every vulnerability with a constantly evolving arsenal. What’s at stake?

Unauthorized access to e-commerce, banking, and inventory systems can result in financial loss.

Stolen information by past or present employees or contractors can cause you to lose ground to competitors.

Ignoring government-mandated protective measures or industry standards can result in legal action.

Visitors can slow down your IT with an inadvertent malware infection from an infected USB or walk-in laptop.

It’s Your Business

Today’s businesses are highly dependent on data and communications, making network security a continuing challenge. PRO OnCall has the experience to get network security right without unnecessary complication or cost, giving you the flexibility to grow fast without getting tripped up by the bad guys.

What We Offer…

  • Network security audits, penetration testing, and server hardening
  • Expertise to tackle specific threats in your niche market
  • Security built into all IT processes
  • Antivirus measures for websites, email, servers and devices
  • Intrusion detection systems for networks
  • Data encryption for servers and laptops

If the security of your network, and the potential for loss or damage, is keeping you up at night,
PRO OnCall offers peace of mind.