Knowledge of VoIP not leading to adoption

The benefits of VoIP technology have been covered in the blog for some time. By using a Voice over IP system, businesses can save on their monthly phone bills, while maintaining a stronger connection with companies worldwide. On top of that, these setups can be incorporated with a unified communication solution for even greater business integration.

It seems hard to believe that companies would be slow to adopt such solutions, considering what they can bring to the table, but that is the case. According to a new study, general VoIP knowledge is spreading, but adoption is lingering behind.

A report from UK competative authority Ofcom – which featured interviews with 2,000 business executives about their VoIP experience – found that while 78 percent of respondents were aware of what VoIP phone services are, only 35 percent are using it. Younger professionals are also more likely to use these systems before their older counterparts.

While the adoption rate of VoIP may be less than vendors desire, as this blog covered yesterday, that may be on the verge of changing. As quality internet connections become available to more customers and businesses, the arguments against adopting VoIP services become less valid.

Companies that have heard about VoIP but have still not adopted the technology would be wise to partner with an experienced IT consulting firm learn more about how the solution can benefit them. This can also act as a system audit to determine how existing infrastructure can support adding a VoIP solution.

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