Mobility plays big role in rise of VoIP solutions

For many in the business world, mobility is becoming the name of the game. The advancement in smartphones and tablets has changed the way that many employees handle their workplace communication and increased the demand for remote access tools.

On its blog, U.K. based VoIP solution provider Telappliant features an interview with sales executive Tom Dobson. He mentioned that for many business decision-makers, the biggest keywords have changed from unified communications to mobility.

"Mobile phones are advancing so much these days," Dobson said. "Why have a separate mobile phone contract to the contract you would for your business? Why not have a single bill that incorporates your desk phone and mobile phones which gives you the ability to budget and know how much your telecoms are going to cost you on a monthly basis?"

He went on to compare it to the incorporation of broadband roughly a decade ago. For many, dial-up was the norm and broadband was slowly starting to creep in. Now, the older technology has fallen by the wayside as a newer, faster, cost-effective and more efficient service has taken hold. The same thing is happening with traditional phone services now that VoIP services are the new kid on the block.

By partnering with an IT consulting firm that specializes in VoIP and unified communication solutions, any business can improve its systems. Whether it is implementing an internet-based phone solution or incorporating a mobile device into a communication strategy, an experienced outside IT service provider can become a big help.

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