Mobility tops Gartner’s 2013 technology trends list

On Tuesday, Apple unveiled the iPad mini as well as a fourth generation iPad and tomorrow Windows 8, along with the Surface tablet, becomes available to consumers. This has the tech industry a buzz and highlights the growing trend of mobile gadgets and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practices.

A recent study from Gartner looked at the trends that businesses will need to deal with in 2013 and what they found supports the tech industries feelings this week – mobile devices and the battle to have the best gadget. According to the study, by 2015 media tablet shipments will reach around 50 percent of laptop shipments. On top of that, Microsoft’s hold on the client platform could be reduced to 60 percent or as low as 50 percent.

There are a number of other trends that companies need to be aware of. Those include mobile applications, cloud technology, big data, analytics and an integrated ecosystems. David Cearley, an analyst for Gartner, suggested that their list of trends is not for each business.

“We have identified the top 10 technologies that will be strategic for most organizations, and that IT leaders should factor into their strategic planning processes over the next two years,” said Cearley. “This does not necessarily mean enterprises should adopt and invest in all of the listed technologies; however companies need to be making deliberate decisions about how they fit with their expected needs in the near future.”

Businesses are always looking for ways to stay ahead of their competition and technology is leveling the playing field. Companies in Ohio that are looking improve their BYOD strategies would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm.

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