Mother’s Day phone calls highlight VoIP benefits

This Sunday is Mother's Day, and there is a very good chance that even with the flowers, chocolates and cards that have been mailed out, at some point during that day you will be making a phone call to mom.

According to a survey from phone service provider Rebtel, Mother's Day ranks among the busiest calling days of the year. The study found that 60 percent of moms expect to hear from their children at some point, and it ranks higher than both hugs and flowers as the most wanted gift.

While some people do not think anything of a quick phone call, 62 percent of respondents said the price of a call would play "a major effect" oh how long that call would last. Even with that, nearly 40 percent of adult children plan to chat for at least an hour with mom. This problem could be solved by making that call through a VoIP phone system.

The challenge of making a costly hour-long call highlights the benefits that VoIP brings to the table. Now imagine that you are a small business making several of those calls a day, every day. It starts to add up if you are not using a cost effective call solution.

Companies can partner with an IT consulting firm that is familiar with the internet-based style of phone systems. Companies can get a hand when it comes to implementing and managing a VoIP system and improve business communication.

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