Network strength vital to VoIP quality

Nowadays, just about every business relies on the Internet in some way, but not all of them look into their network strength when considering new technology initiatives. VoIP services are becoming a popular option for business communication but Internet signal strength is a vital component of call quality.

Ershad Islam, a product specialist for a VoIP provider, has been quoted in a number of blog posts offering advice to businesses interested in deploying a VoIP or unified communications system and quality, speed and strength of a company's broadband network are often mentioned.

"If you've got something like basic BT broadband and you're trying to run ten extensions or users off it, then you will be complaining that the VoIP doesn't work and the call quality is terrible, because you just don't have the connectivity," Islam explained.

Expansion and future technology plans also need to be taken into account. A networking solution that can handle the current data flow may fall short when additional devices or employees start to use the same connection. As bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies continue to grow, it is becoming commonplace to see one worker using multiple devices to connect to the same network. Having a setup that can handle the increase in data flow before it takes place can prevent a number of headaches down the road.

Switching to a VoIP system requires more than plugging in new phones. Businesses in Ohio interested in implementing a unified communication solution would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm to ensure their network can hold up.

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