New study finds that many officials lack understanding in the cloud transition

Cloud computing provides a wide series of benefits for users across an organization. By hosting data on cloud-based servers rather than internal networks, an enterprise is far better positioned for seamless disaster recovery as corporate-grade information is stored remotely. Additionally, hosted servers allow business data to be accessed and manipulated from individual devices, opening up the possibility of remote work, more travel and superior remote collaboration.

However, according to a recent study undertaken by technology consulting firm Accenture, many officials in highly technical positions are having trouble undertaking the transition from traditional business models to those in the cloud. Consequently, enjoying the above mentioned benefits becomes slightly more elusive.

In order to obtain better insight into how a company can scale and operationalize its current practices to lay the framework for a less stressful cloud solution, the researchers interviewed officials from 30 different companies, primarily in high-tech positions, by phone and in person.

What they found was that although many officials understand the ultimate utility of cloud technology, many of them do not exactly understand how a new cloud-based business model will fundamentally shift the daily operations of every department.

"Delivering to customers using a service business model is so fundamentally different than using a product business model that nearly all business operations need to be re-thought," said Accenture's Mitch Cline. "As a result, high-tech companies need a coherent blueprint to make a successful shift to a services-centric business and to compete more nimbly with new cloud competitors."

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