New study finds VoIP to reduce costs, save time and increase productivity

Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony systems have the ability to optimize a business' daily operations. By unifying voice and data solutions into one unified network with one service provider that can be extended to any number of dispersed offices or remote locations, a business can enjoy diminished management costs, streamlined productivity, increased ease of collaboration and other major benefits.

While one might argue that it is difficult to show the tangible gains afforded through VoIP technology on paper, Telephone & Data Systems Inc. recently released a white paper entitled "Find the value in business VoIP" that quantifies the bottom-line benefits that companies that have transitioned to IP-based communications can enjoy.

As the white paper points out, many businesses spend roughly 10 percent of a net budget on telecommunications, and as such, VoIP solutions have the potential to drive major savings and business innovation. 

"Businesses are switching to a VoIP-based technology for productivity and efficiency gains, to have a scalable system that grows with them, and to be prepared should disaster strike," said telecommunication expert Joe Kramschuster in a press release. "Cost-savings are also one of the top reasons businesses are switching."

For example, one of the world's leading manufacturers of computer chips – Intel Corporation – experimented with VoIP and enjoyed huge cost and productivity savings. The white paper reports that scheduling a conference bridge was completed 10 times faster than with a legacy system, and that receiving a fax was completed more than three times faster.

After analyzing the time savings generated through the wide range of functions enabled through VoIP telephony, Intel found that an employee saved nearly three days per year through the technology's deployment.

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