New survey finds unified communications save companies money

Unified communications solutions are a very appealing option for modern businesses. With employees communicating with other staff members and clients through so many different channels, integrating all the different platforms into one cohesive interface is undoubtedly appealing.

However, when corporate officials already have a business phone system in place, they may naturally be hesitant to invest in updated unified communications technology, especially if they are not convinced of its utility for their particular operation.

Serving to quiet these concerns though, a recent survey gauging the usefulness of IP-based technology such as VoIP and unified communications found that upgrading to these systems will save a business money as well as provide other benefits.

According to the survey, which polled roughly 1,000 enterprise officials in both North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia in January 2012, businesses that adopted IP-based communications saved roughly 43 percent of their net revenue.

A major factor playing into the success was reportedly enabling employees using cloud-based unified communications to conduct responsibilities with optimal efficiency outside a business' primary headquarters. As such, 45 percent of polled respondents planned to have a unified communications system in place this year.

Interestingly, the major challenge associated with unified communications solutions was gaps in employee knowledge, with 78 percent of respondents reporting staff-related issues.

Therefore, companies that want to enjoy the enhanced productivity afforded both in and out of the primary workplace through unified communications solutions could do so most effectively by partnering with a Columbus phone service. By hiring these professionals, a company can enjoy seamless technology implementation backed by 24/7 support and service so that employees can rely on experts to troubleshoot any problems during the early phase of the transition.