Outsourcing IT to manage new technology deployment

The tech giants Microsoft, Apple, Google and Samsung continue to deliver new and exciting technology with each passing quarter, and businesses are increasingly eager to find ways to incorporate these devices into the standard workflow. However, doing so is often easier said than done, especially if businesses lack the support of an experienced managed IT support provider.

A recent report from InformationWeek described one such challenge many businesses face when new mobile devices and smartphones find their way into offices. These devices put additional pressure on the office’s existing wireless infrastructure, sometimes dragging down network performance.

The messaging from many wireless vendors is that networks would require a significant upgrade in order to support traffic from employees connecting via an extra one or two mobile devices. Some even say a 300 percent upgrade of resources would be required, according to InformationWeek, though the source insists this figure may be based more in a marketing scare tactic than reality.

In truth, while businesses will likely need to make wireless upgrades, it’s likely that these improvements are much less substantial than some of the more ambitious estimates suggest, InformationWeek says. However, the story demonstrates how vulnerable many businesses are to inaccurate information, and why the support of a managed IT service provider during times of technology expansion can be so valuable.

By outsourcing IT tasks to an experienced third-party, businesses can ensure they only pay for the additional bandwidth they absolutely need. This empowers their ability to support additional devices – which can support improved productivity – without breaking the bank on costly IT investments.

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