Picking the Right IT Solutions is Like Picking the Right Club

You walk up to the tee and survey the course in front of you. It’s a par five that doglegs sharply to the left. There’s a water hazard on the far side of the green and three sand traps lie in front of it. Thick woods flank the fairway. There’s no room for error here.

In order to sink that final putt you’ll need to use your clubs properly. Anyone who says that only poor craftsmen blame their tools hasn’t tried to birdie a par four with nothing but a seven iron. Success in business, as in golf, can be as dependent on the quality of your equipment as it is on your ability to use it properly.

The Course: Your Business Challenges

Every hole is different, requiring a unique approach. Sometimes your strategy can be fairly direct. Take a basic par three, for example – your strategy should be fairly direct. Go for the green on your first stroke and give yourself some breathing room to make par in two putts. Of course, that’s a perfectly ideal scenario. Introducing hazards, varied slopes and elevations, and other obstacles can significantly amplify the difficulty of the course.

The challenges your business faces will be as varied and complex as any golf course. Some of your problems will be simple challenges that you can take head-on with an iron and a putter. Others, like that nightmarish par five mentioned at the beginning of this post, will require a full arsenal of solutions and a professional eye to overcome with acceptable results.

The Clubs: Your IT Solutions

Choosing the right club for the job is an essential part of golf, and it will become instinctual as your knowledge of the game increases. Your driver will send the ball hurtling down the fairway on longer holes, placing you in the position to close the gap between you and the hole so you can sink that final putt. For longer courses, you’ll need the power of your driver. Similarly, your business may need a full infrastructure overhaul to tackle its greatest challenges.

Your driver may not always be the best choice for your first stroke, however. For shorter holes, teeing off with a driver runs the risk of sending the ball rocketing into the woods behind the green. Your problem may not require a complete redesign of your infrastructure. It may call for a more elegant and precise solution.

Sometimes you’ll be faced with crises. On the golf course it’s always smart to keep a sand wedge handy. In business, things like data backup and business continuity plans can bail you out in the event of a disaster.

IT solutions like help desk support and NOC services can be compared to your putter; they may not be flashy, and weren’t what got you to the green, but their precision and consistency will be key to helping you reach your ultimate goal. No golf bag is complete without a putter, and no IT solutions package is complete without a degree of ongoing support.

The Pro Shop: PRO OnCall Technologies

We didn’t even notice that pun until it was too late. If your challenges are the course and your IT services are your clubs, we want you to think of PRO OnCall as the pro shop back at the clubhouse. You can come to us for advice on all the latest trends and technology, and we’ll give you an honest assessment of your capabilities and what tools you need to succeed.

That set of clubs you got as a teenager probably isn’t cutting it anymore. They’re not long enough, and they force you to alter your stance. On top of that, they just don’t have the same satisfying ping that they used to. A new set of clubs could really up your game.

The technology that served your business well in its earliest days just can’t keep up with your growing demands. Investing in the right IT solutions could shape the way your business operates for years to come. You want to know that your service provider is trustworthy, experienced, and capable of designing solutions that fit your needs. PRO OnCall’s telecom and managed service offerings do just that.

If you want to shave a few strokes off your game, get in touch; we’ll set you up with the clubs you need – and we’ll show you how to use them, too.