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PRO Oncall: Your designated managed services provider

Is your IT department working well for your company? Some businesses feel like they are too small to bother hiring IT staff. Others find that their tech professionals are so overloaded with maintenance and repair work that they cannot get to the business development strategies that can make a company shine.

Whether your IT department is understaffed or overworked, a managed services provider (MSP) can help.

PRO OnCall is a managed services provider with the skills to develop tech services where your business has never had them before, as well as easing the burdens of your IT department.

We are a single-source technology solutions provider, which means you get every tech amenity you need–delivered and supported by our highly qualified tech experts. We create personalized solutions for our clients, focused on a proactive approach that can drastically reduce business downtime while maximizing your company’s productivity.

Without worrying about IT, you and your staff are free to focus on all of the business operations that make your company stand out.

As an MSP, we can work in conjunction with your existing IT department to enhance what they are already providing. We are also happy to support you as your designated managed services provider–whatever works best for you.

The advantages of switching to an MSP model

When you switch to an MSP, you are not alone. MSPs are growing in popularity, largely thanks to the freedom they offer employers.

Banking Tech explains that “The analysis shows institutions that have taken on an MSP have greatly reduced the burden on IT departments. This has freed them up to focus on their core business, and on areas that may generate a competitive advantage while benefiting from predictable costs, an optimized infrastructure and enhanced operations.”

Why are businesses making the switch?

There are many benefits to working with a managed services provider like PRO OnCall, but one of the biggest advantages comes through cost savings. MSPs save your company money by providing monitoring, updating, maintenance, and repairs at what often works out to be a fraction of the cost of doing the same through an in-house IT department.

Our MSP plans are designed to let you know all of the costs up-front, making costs predictable and simplifying resource allocation.

IT staff are often expensive to employ, especially when they need to be on-call or and paid overtime. With our proactive approach to monitoring, you will not incur these extra costs–making your IT budget more manageable as well as freeing up office space and equipment resources that can all be invested in other areas of your company.

Who can benefit from a managed services provider?

A Business Solutions survey found that the healthcare and manufacturing industries are the two largest users of MSPs. However, managed services are constantly specializing in new sectors. Their use is being implemented across various sectors, including retail, legal, financial, government, and transportation.

If you use technology at all, an MSP can improve your company’s tools while cutting back on IT costs. According to Continuum, at the start of 2015, American businesses spent $13 billion on cloud computing and managed IT services, which is the kind of market growth that points toward MSPs becoming a keystone in many companies’ technology strategies, regardless of sector or industry.

Why work with PRO OnCall?

Our IT services include a huge range of options and are well suited for companies of all sizes and types. We have experience working with partners out across multiple industries and can easily tailor our offerings to any enterprise. Because we have such a wide range of experience, developing bespoke services for new clients is something we excel at.

Our MSP plans are all-encompassing, covering client desktops, servers and networks, project support for existing IT professionals, cloud computing technology, network security, and disaster recovery and backup planning. However, our focus is not on providing a blanket, off-the-shelf solution. Our work is based on assessments and audits that first evaluate which of your tech strategies are working and what needs to be changed.

Whatever your company needs, we can provide, with top notch customer service, an excellent work ethic and a strong commitment to bettering your business’ IT.

Knowing that our MSP plans are comprehensive, it makes sense to switch. All it takes is a look at our client success stories to see how our MSP services have helped other companies thrive! As your designated MSP, we guarantee predictable, affordable rates, expert assistance, and the ability to keep your company on the cutting edge of tech.

If you want to make one simple change that can greatly improve your business growth and success, work with an MSP. Call PRO OnCall today!