Proper IT planning required for any technology upgrade

There is a lot that must go into the overall dealings an IT department. Budgets aside, the planning process itself can be extensive. Wanting to add new laptops or mobile devices to a company’s infrastructure takes much more than just buying them and plugging them in. There are a number of known obstacles and hidden hurdles that can derail an IT department’s plan.

A similar thing happened in Windham, New Hampshire when IT Director Eric DeLong submitted a $75,000 proposal to improve the town’s information technology department. According to a report from Patch, the selectmen assumed the process would be quick but after the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) examined the plan, a new multi-year counter proposal was submitted.

The first year will consist of an upgrade to the network to create a backbone to prepare the new workstations. The second year involves a cost of roughly $60,000 for hardware and software. That is followed by $10,000 a year for rolling maintenance support. The first stage has been agreed upon, while the rest is still subject to debate.

“Whether we like it or not, the nature of information technology has advanced dramatically in the last 10 years,” said vice chairman Ross McLeod.

Scott Baetz, an IT consultant, was hired to run an IT audit on the town and the report he submitted, echoes the plan that the TAC wants to implemented. He also said that depending on which path the town choose there is going to be a difference in costs and a quote today will not be the same as one from a different year.

IT updates take a lot of planning. Many companies would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm to ensure they prepare for any potential pitfalls.

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