Recent article discusses how companies can prepare for the evolution beyond the PC

Enterprise technology has evolved well beyond the PC era. While the office setting in former years relied on the personal computer as the primary channel for conducting daily responsibilities and engaging in collaborative projects with co-workers, today advances in unified communications (UC) platforms are turning traditional office dynamics on its ear.

Considering the shifting paradigm in the corporate communications industry, UC expert Andy Chew recently explored a series of issues in an article for IT business management and technology news source MicroScope that suggests how a business can create an infrastructure that is flexible enough to accommodate ever-evolving technology while still enjoying the full value of existing IT investments.

Citing statistics from global market intelligence firm IDC Research, Chew describes that by 2013, one-third of the global workforce is projected to become mobile information workers who use remotely enabled devices to work from anywhere. Consequently, a UC environment needs to support top mobile devices in order to accommodate an evolved corporate staff that expect a high degree of flexibility.

Moreover, because many workers are going to be mobilized in coming years, the importance of video conferencing is growing as well to allow employees to communicate face-to-face as if they were in the same room although they may be displaced by thousands of miles.

The crux of Chew's article is that "the ability to access and share video on the desktop, on the road, and on-demand, as easily as making a phone call is paramount. Collaboration should also facilitate better team interactions, dynamically bringing together individuals, virtual workgroups, and teams."

Consequently, in order for Ohio enterprises to secure top-tier staff who will want to base their career around the flexibility of innovative technology, it would be wise for business officials to optimize their UC infrastructure by partnering with a Cincinnati IT consulting firm that can offer technology assessment, unified communications solutions, and on-call IT support.

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