ShoreTel CEO talks future of telecommunication

In the list of things that are important to businesses of any size, you would be hard pressed to find a more critical entrent than communication. The best products and services can be for not if companies can not get themselves on the same page. This, coupled with the advancements of technology, has turned solutions like VoIP and unified communication (UC) into popular options.

One of the go to vendors for many businesses is ShoreTel. In a recent piece, NetworkWorld interviewed the company’s CEO Peter Blackmore about the state of the industry and how his company has adapted to changes.

While Blackmore addressed the influence of cloud and hosted options he said that in the end, ShoreTel is still a unified communication option provider. As UC evolves, the company will as well, even as outside devices like smartphones and tablets become more important.

“And the interesting thing is our connect rate on desk phones has stayed rock solid,” Blackmore said. “In other words, it’s not like new customers are flipping from desk phones to mobile devices. They’re keeping roughly what they would have bought in the past in desk phones, but they’re then adding mobile devices so people have a choice. But very rarely do we get a sale now without the bring-your-own-device option.”

Many companies are considering upgrading the way they stay in contact and ShoreTel is one of the solutions on the top of the mountain. The ability to incorporate existing systems with new devices and systems is the best way to get the most out of a UC setup. Companies in Ohio that are looking a ShoreTel systems would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm.

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