ShoreTel releases innovative collaborative solution

In today's corporate world, traditional workplace dynamics are in a state of great flux. In former years, business officials could rely on regular face-to-face meetings in which in-office employees would get together to collaborate around a conference table. However, today staff members are becoming increasingly more mobile, using modern technology to complete the duties of their position from virtually anywhere in the world.

In response, ShoreTel – a provider of simple premise and cloud-based business phone systems and communications systems – recently announced the availability of ShoreTel 12.3, which will better serve the collaboration needs of large enterprises with employees dispersed throughout a range of geographic regions.

According to a press release surrounding the announcement, communication platforms like instant messaging (IM) are crucial for modern businesses to facilitate quick collaboration without the lag that is created through missed phone and email correspondences. And should IM prove not to be a rich enough medium to facilitate necessary collaborative efforts, ShoreTel 12.3 users can switch to a video conferencing platform and communicate with coworkers and clients as if they were in the same room.

"We're pleased to be selected by large enterprises that wish to provide applications for their employees, but without the cost of complexity of traditional premise or hosted services," stated ShoreTel's chief marketing officer Kevin Gavin. "By offering a single scalable platform that serves both midsize and large enterprises, we're able to concentrate all efforts on making solutions brilliantly simple for users and administrators."

Any business officials in Ohio that could benefit from ShoreTel's sophisticated communications solutions can procure assistance with implementation and ongoing maintenance by partnering with a Cincinatti IT consulting firm that is an authorized reseller of ShoreTel products.

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