Small businesses forced into the cloud

For many small businesses, the latest technologies have helped levelthe playing field against the larger competition. The lower costs of mobile devices, VoIP phone systems and cloud technology have helped the Davids fight the Goliaths. However, recent reports indicate that some of this technology is becoming an unavoidable investment.

According to a recent InfoWorld article from David Linthicum, while there are many benefits to cloud technology, businesses of every size cite the same concerns – security and control. Larger companies have the ability to invest in other solutions to combat these issues, but smaller ones do not.

“Small businesses really have no choice but to use the cloud,” wrote Linthicum. “A traditional approach to IT typically means a high overhead cost. Saddled with such costs, small businesses wouldn’t be able to compete in a market where their counterparts are paying half as much on IT to chase [the] same amount of revenue.”

He went on to say that in many instances the cloud becomes the only option. While the concerns of lack of control and security are real issues, the benefits highly outweigh the deficits. In fact, there should be an air of excitement in the small business market as new companies now have the ability to start up on a shoestring now that many business critical tools are inacloud environment.

Cloud computing is becoming a necessity for many organizations, especially as the technology continues to evolve. Companies that are looking to invest in this solution for the first time should partner with an IT consulting firm that has cloud experience for help implementing a complete solution.

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