Small businesses must make disaster recovery a priority

Many businesses in the Northeast today are dealing with another snow storm, while gearing up for a bigger one that will be coming through next week. Schools are closed and many workers have been sent home as the heavy snow and ice coats the area.

For businesses that have proper disaster recovery plans in place, there is little to worry about. However, companies that do not are running big risks.

A recent article from CBR Online spoke with several industry experts about the importance of disaster recovery for companies of all sizes. While larger organizations are able to dig into their deep pockets to overcome any weather-related incident, smaller enterprises need to make disaster recovery a priority and take it seriously.

Rakesh Kumar, the vice president of research at Gartner, said that there are many cost efficient data backup and recovery solutions hitting the marketplace. However, trying to save a few bucks in this area may not be the smartest plan.

"DR is going through some changes – a lot of users are moving from a gold standard to a more cost efficient model where they know there may be a slightly increased failure but they are able to save substantial costs," Kumar said.

For small businesses, investing in disaster recovery plans may seem like a luxury they do not have the money for, but it is something that needs to be a priority.

By partnering with an IT consulting firm that specializes in disaster recovery solutions, companies of all sizes can confidently deploy a system that will keep the business safe at all times.