Some VoIP features to look out for in 2013

VoIP technology is spreading across the corporate world as more companies begin to see the benefits of using the internet as the backbone to their business communication infrastructure. While the last few years have seen the technology take many leaps and bounds, the future could be even brighter.

In a recent Bizcommunity article, GetVoIP contributor Reuben Yonatan, made some predictions about what the growing VoIP industry could be adding as new normal features in the next year.

"2013 is predicted to be another big year for VoIP," wrote Yonatan. "Forbes Magazine estimates the VoIP market has a total value of U.S $15 billion. This is not even including Skype, Google, and other services that provide VoIP to the consumer market for no upfront charges. So hang on tight folks, VoIP is in the fast lane to further change the world."

Yonatan hits on a few different features and directions that could shape VoIP by the end of the year. First, there is the further integration of mobile devices and texting. This is something that has been on the cusp of happening for some time but all of these in one system that is attached to a desktop client would be the next step.

He also looks at the inclusion of social media sites like Facebook, more comparisons to 4G, VoIP fax plans and stiffer competition among providers across the board.

Regardless of which of these features actually take hold, it is clear that there is a good chance that VoIP in some form could be coming to your business soon. An  IT consulting firm that is experienced with implementing a VoIP phone system can help any organization get the ball rolling.

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