Study: 70 percent of businesses that use traditional phone systems believe they are lacking

The telephone has been a key component to successful business for nearly 135 years, since the first American Telephone and Telegraph Company was created. While there have been many innovations to the design and functionality of the system, many companies continue to use a traditional landline solution. However, the creation and widespread adoption are making it hard for business decision-makers to continue to justify a failure to adopt a VoIP phone system.

According to a recent report from Dimensional Research on behalf of RingCentral, 70 percent of businesses with traditional phone systems believe that their system is lacking and hindering production. The key issue, as far as 45 percent of respondents are concerns, involve the need to integrate mobile workers, devices and application, with an on-site phone solution.

The study also found that 92 percent of businesses are looking at cloud-based VoIP options.The benefits that respondents cited include mobile apps, simple administration interface, scalability, an elimination of in-house maintenance and a reduction of costs.

"The challenge is to give employees a consistent experience across all communications conduits including the desktop, tablet, mobile, or computer — especially when using business communications tools," Curtis Peterson, the vice president of operations at RingCentral said in a Network World article when speaking about the survey results.

By partnering with an IT consulting firm that specializes in both VoIP phone systems and cloud computing options, any company can implement these kinds of solutions and start taking advantage of the benefits.

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