Study: cloud solutions more secure than on-site environments

One of the major issues that many executives have when it comes to implementing a cloud computing and storage solution is security. It is an easy thing to understand as taking critical business information off of internal physical servers and moving it into the floating digital format that is housed on the internet can be nerve racking. If it can be accessed from any computer anywhere, won't cyber criminals have an easier time attacking it?

While that argument may have held weight when the technology was still young, over the last few years, a number of advancements have been made to increase cloud security. According to a new report, the security differences between on-site and cloud storage are negligible.

Released by Alert Logic, the Fall 2012 State of the Cloud Security Report dispels the belief that the cloud is an unsafe environment to store and house important business information.

"Driven by flexibility and efficiency, the question facing most organizations is not whether the cloud is part of their infrastructure plans, but which applications and workloads to move to the cloud and when," reads the report. "But even as the benefits of cloud and hosted models have become apparent, concerns persist about security, and an assumption lingers that the cloud is inherently less secure than an enterprise data center environment."

According to the report, on-premise environment companies suffer more incidents than those that use cloud services. In 2012, 61.4 percent of attacks happened to on-site systems compared to only 27.8 percent to cloud solutions.

This comes from the fact that cyber criminals attack what is most vulnerable and the data shows that that is not the cloud. By partnering with an IT consulting firm that understands the ins and outs of a cloud solution can help any business implement the technology safely and successfully.

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