Study: Cloud technology tops priority list of IT executives

By now, knowledge of the cloud and its benefits have spread through the IT world like wildfire. Many businesses understand what the cloud can do, but adoption rates do not match the hype. However, as the platform exits the testing phase, more companies are gaining interest and the desire to invest in the solution is rising.

According to a recent study by Compuware and Research in Action, the cloud is going to remain as the top priority for investments over the next five years. The survey found that 16.5 percent of companies put the cloud at the top of the list of areas that are important to their IT portfolio and need to be bolstered. It was followed by mobile technology with 13.5 percent and analytics with 11.3 percent. On top of that, 12.5 percent cite the cloud as the top priority when it comes to investments.

The study also looked into what specific functions of the cloud companies were interested in. The leader is test and backup services at 24.1 percent. When it comes to which solutions businesses are already using a cloud solution for, 78 percent cited eCommerce. That was ahead of software-as-a-service (50 percent) and social media (50 percent).

While many companies are considering investing in a cloud system, actually finding the right solution and pulling the trigger can be difficult. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in the cloud, any business can get a hand making a smart investment.

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