Study finds significant percentage of callers will hang up when presented with voicemail

Small companies are faced with many difficulties that must be overcome if they are to successfully keep step with competitors that have larger budgets and more employees. One of the most notable of these problems has to do with customer service.

While a small company may actually have a product or service offering that is as good or perhaps better than a larger competitor, it is crucial to be able to successfully relay this message to clients.

However, without the resources to staff a substantial service department with employees capable of handling the volume of incoming calls in addition to digital customer correspondences, it may be difficult to accomplish this task.

And according to a recent study of consumer calling practices, failing to have a live service representative available at the phone could have major consequences for a small company with regard to lost patronage.

In fact, as recorded in the study, 82 percent more callers were found to leave messages if it was with a real person than if presented with the opportunity to do the same on an answering machine.

In response, small businesses need a solution to route more calls to a real person, which is difficult considering many have fewer personnel juggling more tasks who are out of the office with more frequency.

As such, one way for small businesses in Ohio to address the issue is by partnering with a Cincinnati phone service that can offer VoIP solutions. Because VoIP phone systems have the capability to route calls coming into a business phone line to employees' mobile devices, small business officials on the move will be better positioned to answer a higher volume of calls by being able to answer them from any location.

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