Study shows SMBs lacking in communications accessibility

In today's fast-paced business world, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) likely need to adopt superior communications and customer service in order to compete with larger corporations with the resources and development capabilities to provide lower prices.

In order to do so successfully, it is necessary for small business officials to keep up with the latest consumer communications trends and ensure that a corporate representative can be easily reached through a wide variety of channels including the telephone and mediated channels such as email and social media.

In order to determine if SMBs were thriving in their communications infrastructure, vSplash – a provider of digital media and commerce solutions – recently developed a piece of technology called SMB DigitalScape, which can collect and analyze data from across the web extremely quickly.

Interestingly, a recent press release states that SMB DigitalScape collected data from 700,000 websites in the United States and found that many SMBs are notably deficient in corporate communications.

For example, the data found that nearly 60 percent of SMB websites lack a telephone number on the homepage of their website while nearly 75 percent lack an email contact for digitally-mediated customer inquiries.

In order to address these issues and make SMBs in Ohio more relevant with regard to evolving consumer behavior trends, it would be wise for officials to partner with a Cincinnati IT consulting firm that can provide unified communications solutions.

By taking this step, certified professionals can assist a small business integrate a number of communications portals into one IP-based network that requires little hardware and minimal staff training.

Consequently, SMBs will be better positioned in the modern corporate world, capitalizing on an ability to meaningfully connect with consumers through a number of rich mediums to ultimately drive more substantive revenue.

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