Survey finds IT decision-makers want more UC tools

The importance of mobile devices is growing. More companies and consumers are seeing these gadgets as second nature and find themselves more connected than ever. Mobility is allowing companies to unplug yet stay connected from anywhere. Unified communication (UC) solutions are being adopted by IT departments as a way to meet all of these challenges, while increasing productivity and the bottom line.

The British telecommunication company BT released the results of a survey which found CIOs are not only embracing UC options, but asking for more. According to the findings, 84 percent of global executives believe UC systems are helping their companies succeed. Respondents pointed to the ability to use multiple options like email, video, VoIP phone systems and instant messaging as one system as a major factor in the draw of UC.

Even with the obvious benefits, the 1,000 executives that were surveyed said they wanted to add even more systems. Desktop sharing, voice-to-text and unified messaging options were among the top desired solutions that were wished for.

Aside from communication, respondents also credited a clear financial benefit to the systems that make them desirable. According to the report, businesses were losing 134 minutes or productivity every day because of poor communication, collaboration and information flows. In terms of dollars and cents that is estimated at $25,000 annually for the average worker.

Proper communication is one of the pillars of a successful business. Organizations that collaborate and share information fluidly can make decisions faster and stay ahead of the competition. Companies in Ohio that are looking to add to their unified communication systems would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm to ensure the right combination of tools is provided.

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