Survey shows VoIP solutions targeted by many companies

Many businesses are looking for ways to save money while also boosting productivity. This desire has lead a number of companies into the realm of voice solutions. VoIP systems offer organizations a seamless, secure setup across multiple locations and devices.

A recent CIO/Computerworld survey found that 60 percent of organizations are planning on upgrading their voice systems over the next 24 months and 81 percent have or are considering VoIP. A new whitepaper sponsored by Comcast examines the impact VoIP is having on businesses.

“What’s driving this interest in managed VoIP solutions?,” the report asks. “Cost is certainly a factor, as many businesses are looking to reduce the capital expenditures that go into buying, installing and maintaining on-premise voice systems. But what’s more, legacy PBX systems generally don’t provide the flexibility and functionality needed to connect and support remote offices, telecommuters and an increasingly mobile workforce.”

The survey found that cost-effectiveness, security and easy of use were all cited by over 80 percent of respondents as being critical or very important to their decision making process. The ability to increase collaboration and productivity will likely turn most companies toward a unified communication platform. Also as a business grows, the ability to adapt a voice option along with it is important.

The benefits of VoIP are being reported by many companies. Those that deployed a system reported a higher effectiveness in every area except for security and seamless integration with wireless services.

Business communication is the backbone of any successful organization. As companies look into VoIP options it would be wise to get a hand traversing the number of options. Companies in Ohio would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm.

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