Tech blog suggests cloud platforms even more useful for small businesses

Cloud computing is causing a significant shift in the corporate world. By partnering with an IT support firm, businesses of all sizes can remotely store their data on third-party hosted servers, providing a wide assortment of benefits that increase efficiency and productivity across every department of a particular operation.

However, while larger enterprises certainly have plenty to gain from the deployment of a cloud technology strategy, weblog ReadWriteWeb recently published an article suggesting that utilizing cloud platforms for corporate data management may be even more meaningful for small businesses.

According to author Frederic Paul – an established tech journalist who serves as the source's Business Channels Editor – "the cloud's economies of scale naturally make a bigger difference when your company is too small to generate similar savings and capabilities on its own. And on the flip side, many of the issues blamed on the cloud in large enterprises – security, integration, compliance and so on – often cause fewer problems in small companies that can't properly deal with them anyway."

Moreover, while a larger business likely has the internal resources to develop a data management platform equipped with custom functionality, taking the same measure for a small business would likely put an immense amount of stress on its IT department. But, by outsourcing application development, maintenance and upgrades to the cloud, custom functionality can be attained with reduced burden and at an affordable price.

Additionally, because cloud technology is often offered as a service that has inherent upward and downward flexibility, small businesses will not be required to pay hefty up-front costs, allowing quick implementation without having to empty out corporate coffers.

Therefore, any small businesses in Ohio looking to optimize their data management and hosting capabilities can rest assured that partnering with a Columbus data services provider that can offer cloud solutions will afford an ability to conduct operations like a Fortune 500 company with the resources of a startup.

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