Tech giants gear up for new smartphone launches

The smartphone landscape is gearing up for a potentially huge upgrade. Technology and mobile phone providers Apple, Microsoft, Nokia and Samsung have announced or are believed to be unveiling new devices. As these gadgets hit the market and employees start to bring them into the office, companies are going to need to be prepared to implement them into business operations.

The most anticipated device is Apple’s new iPhone 5. The rumors over the latest version of the smartphone have been rampant on the blogosphere since the launch of the iPhone 4s back in October of 2011. Just this week, the company sent out media invitations for an event on September 12, which is expected to unveil the new phone.

Samsung announced the ATIV S phone last week. The device will be the first to officially use the Windows Phone 8 operating system. Nokia – who has long been struggling in the market – joined the race earlier this week with the announcement of the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 phones. They will also be running the Microsoft’s latest mobile OS.

With the Windows Operating system expanding to mobile devices – and being able to be integrated with the Windows 8 platform – they can become a powerful business tool.

Regardless of which smartphone employees wind up turning to, it will have an effect on bring-your-own-device policies. As more employees look to use their new devices for work related functions, IT departments need to make sure existing networks can handle the increased traffic. Organizations in Ohio that are dealing with these devices would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm.

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