The benefits of utilizing an IT partner’s mobile security options

Advances in mobile technology for business users is making remote work on tablets, laptops and smartphones almost as easy to complete as when working at a fully equipped office space.

However, with the new conveniences afforded to mobile business users comes a new series of challenges to overcome, most notably related to data security.

While stationary PCs in an office setting are often protected by corporate network firewalls, mobile technology can store virtually the same degree of sensitive information but with a far greater chance that the device will be lost or taken. And even when the device is still in a user's possession, when surfing on a publicly hosted network, thieves can use malware to gain access to the information they desire.

Considering the potential perils that accompany mobile business processes, a recent article published by suggests several tactics to enhance a device's security.

For example, one could resort to simple low-tech strategies such as locking the device, securing it in a safe when out of the user's possession and purchasing a privacy screen that prevents people from peeking when in public areas.

Slightly more advanced tactics include "find-and-wipe" software that allows a user to track a lost device and get rid of all its contents so thieves cannot use the device's data for illicit purposes.

However, considering the many problems likely to manifest when mobile data is compromised, business users in Ohio who want to achieve maximum security for their mobile device would greatly benefit from hiring a Columbus data services provider that can offer mobile security solutions.

For example, such professionals can equip a mobile device with intrusion detection, virtual private networking and advanced firewalling technologies, helping to manage and align data according to a user's specific needs while providing superior protection against unauthorized use.