The importance of developing a pre-determined UC strategy

Unified communications (UC) solutions that tie together formerly disjointed processes ranging from instant messaging to email, telephony, video conferencing and file sharing have the potential to drive business model innovation and enable corporate employees to undertake their daily duties with unparalleled productivity and efficiency.

However, according to an article published by Voice & Data Online, while a well-deployed UC platform will ultimately enable employees to enjoy greater simplicity in their responsibilities, the physical implementation process can be stressful and complex as with any transition to a new technological operation.

Consequently, it is crucial for enterprise users considering the benefits of a UC infrastructure to have a specific strategy in mind when developing a deployment plan.

For example, one of the most critical aspects of a UC program to consider is what the end users' goals will be. While proper execution can have immeasurable benefits, the article mentions that failing to consider a primary focus could lead to a disruption in activity and consequently frustration, potentially unraveling the benefits of the IT investment.

Therefore, for one enterprise that requires a high volume of conference calls, it may be more appropriate to prioritize the UC platform to have a heavier focus on voice solutions. By contrast, a business that has a high number of employees that are traveling or working remotely may focus greater effort towards video conferencing and bandwidth considerations.

The take home point of the article is simply that "If a system doesn’t present users with obvious improvements at the ‘moment of truth’, when the first UC voice call or video link is made, then they have no reason to shift away from the status quo."

Consequently, in order to maximize the benefit derived from UC investments, it would behoove business officials to turn to a Cincinnati data services provider that can provide UC solutions tailored to specific business operations.

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