The new year means big things for BYOD

Immediately following the drop of the ball to ring in the new year, is celebrations, champagne toasts and a day of college football. Many businesses are closed while their employees recuperate from the night before. However, when they reopen the following day, it could be the biggest day for the popular business trend bring-your-own-device (BYOD) – especially for IT departments.

In a recent guest column for ReadWrite, Mat Young explained why January 2 is so important. It began with the holiday season that has just wrapped up and there is a good chance that some employees bring with them newly acquired smartphones and tablets.

This will lead to increased pressure on IT departments to handle a number of different hurdles to make sure devices work successfully. These include network security, cloud computing strategies and communication solutions like email and VoIP.

“Recent research has noted that – not surprisingly – many tablet users use their devices for email,” wrote Young. “With traditional data-storage infrastructure, the added workload of all these new tablets connecting into corporate networks could create quite a strain on applications like Microsoft Exchange. If organizations are running virtualized infrastructure or virtual desktops (VDI), delivering consistent performance gets even more complicated.”

Being able to manage all of the systems that could be affected by an increase of mobile devices in the office can be challenging. An IT consulting firm can help businesses handle the increased pressure and keep the company running smoothly.

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