‘Third platform’ of IT growing in demand

There are a number of new innovations rising up the priority list of business decision-makers. However, with each of these innovations comes a new set of skills that IT professionals need to learn and understand to be able to add value to a company's IT department.

A recent article from Search Data Center examined what is called the "third platform" of IT jobs skills which are growing in demand across the corporate world. These refer to mobile devices, social media, big data and cloud computing. The first two platforms include computers, physical servers and local networking.

However, the increased demand is not always a good thing. Cushing Anderson, the program vice president for project-based services at IDC, told the news source that 33 percent of employers say it is increasingly difficult to find talent in these areas.The problem here is that the third-platform is the future of IT departments.

"Third-platform opportunities represent all the IT job growth going forward," Anderson said. "This is what IT managers hire for. This is what every IT graduate is moving into."

Finding the right professionals to handle all of these services can be difficult. This is when an IT consulting firm can become a valuable resource. By partnering with an experienced IT solution provider that understands the latest innovations like cloud computing or VoIP phone systems, any company can rest assured knowing these solutions will be managed successfully.

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