The Top 3 Reasons You Can’t Live Without Your Smartphone



Imagine waking up tomorrow and realizing that you had somehow traveled back in time. The year is 1940, and everything looks different.


So, what’s the very first thing you’d do upon awakening in a new decade?


Explore the cultural differences? Try to watch history unfold?


Nope. Chances are, you’d reach for your smartphone.

…And then proceed to have a complete meltdown when you realized it wasn’t there. I mean, seriously – how did these people communicate!?


Okay – come back to 2014 now.


In our modern times, the smart phone has become more of a necessity than a luxury.

Think about it – over half of Americans use smartphones. These are devices that have emerged somewhat recently, but they have completely revolutionized the way that we live our lives.


Smart phones have lots of attractive features and capabilities. But what really has everyone so addicted?



Instant Communication


Be honest. Can you even remember how you communicated with others before you had a smart phone?


Texting and calling are two common ways people use their smart phones to communicate, but those certainly aren’t the only ways. Not even close. With apps like Skype, Facebook, and Snap Chat increasing in popularity, it’s no longer about simply calling or texting someone. You can send photos, instant message, or even video chat.


There are more methods of communication available than most people know what to do with. And it’s all conveniently located right at your fingertips.


Your Life – Made Easier!


Remember the 1990s, when you had to use an actual paper map if you were going on a road trip? Or the 2000s, when you had to buy a GPS and mount it in your car?


Today, thinking of using a paper map is just laughable. And why buy a GPS when we can simply pull up a GPS app on our smart phones? Our phones tell us exactly how to get where we need to go. It’s simple and makes our lives much easier.


Not only can your smart phone eliminate the need for a GPS – it can eliminate the need for lots of other gadgets too! Why buy an alarm clock when you can simply set an alarm on your phone? Why buy a watch when your phone has a clock? Why buy a camera when your phone takes stunning photos?


The list could go on and on. Our smartphones keep us sane because they’re an all-in-one solution for our day-to-day problems.


Endless Entertainment


Think about the last time you were at the doctor’s office in a waiting room – an exciting experience, right?


Not quite. I’d be willing to bet that most of the people waiting there with you were on their phones doing something to kill the boredom. Whether you want to surf the Internet, check out Facebook, tweet, or post a photo to Instagram… the entertainment possibilities are endless.


I mean, you can stream music, take photos, watch videos on YouTube, or even watch full movies on Netflix from your smart phone. What else could anyone possibly want?



It’s pretty evident that our smart phones have become irreplaceable resources that we simply can’t live without. Most people can’t even imagine going a day without one – and why would anyone want to? Our smart phones give us everything we need to communicate quickly, get through the day, and entertain ourselves. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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  1. Daryl
    Daryl says:

    I love my Note 3 as much as the next person, but people should seriously learn to read a map. Phones die, GPS can fail, but reading a map is full proof.

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