Top VoIP innovation trends from the 2013 CES

From morphing touch screens to smart watches to 56-inch ultra HD televisions, the annual International Consumer Electronic Show is a cavalcade of new gadgets, gizmos and services. All industries were present as can be seen by the digital fork and spoon that keeps track of how long you eat, how quickly and how many bites you take and if you eat too fast the utensils vibrates to slow you down.

The VoIP marketplace was also represented as well. A recent press release from GetVoIP – a leading VoIP phone service directory – recapped some of the latest innovations and trends that were unveiled at this year’s convention.

The most talked about exhibit was not a handheld device or service but rather the incorporation of VoIP technology and the automobile. Companies like Ford, Chrysler, Honda and Porsche are already on board and providers like Verizon are helping to push the development of “connected cars.” The ultimate idea is to sync smartphones and devices with the car’s dashboard to allow VoIP calls and communication while literally on the go.

There were several companies that released new versions of docking stations, speakers and headsets specifically designed to improve the sound quality and experience of VoIP phone systems. There was also a focus on internet-connected televisions which features a social aspect allowing real-time instant messaging and video conferencing.

While many of these devices and services may be the most practical for small and midsized businesses, it does go to show that the industry is growing and branching out to a number of new avenues. Companies that want to deploy a VoIP phone system would be wise to partner with an experienced IT consultant.

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